• Brand: ShuBee
These tough Black Nitrile Gloves are specially formulated to hold up against abrasions, tears and cuts. Nitrile contains no allergy causing latex proteins. Our Black Gauntlet® Gloves are also resistant to petroleum-based products. Whether fixing a plumbing problem, painting, working with compounds or chemicals, or fixing an engine, the durable ShuBee® Black Gauntlet® gloves will help you accomplish the toughest task without reducing dexterity and tactility. The ShuBee® Black Gauntlet® Silver Edition nitrile gloves are engineered with a strong puncture and abrasion resistant, 6 mil nitrile material, which will perform with supreme dexterity and comfort making it ideal when handling tools. Flexible and latex free, the beaded cuff helps you take on and off the 6-mil nitrile glove with ease. The material is three times more puncture resistant than vinyl or latex gloves. The nitrile material provides better chemical resistance than latex, making it the superior disposable glove choice. Wearing a black nitrile gloves protects your hands while hiding the dirt and grime accumulated on the job. These black nitrile gloves are a great option for jobs in plumbing, automotive, light agricultural jobs, machine shops, industrial assembly, law enforcement, schools, building service contractors and even beauty salons. The ShuBee® Black Gauntlet® Silver Edition gloves are #1 Tech’s Choice. They have specifically been the #1 Plumber’s choice, considering what plumbers work around every day, this 6-mil nitrile glove stands up against the dirtiest jobs! If they trust them- so should you!
  • Features and More


  • Superb Tensile Strength
  • Powder-Free to Not Compromise Adhesive Seals or Fresh Paint
  • Latex-Free Alternative for Latex-Sensitive Workers
  • Great Barrier Protection
  • Textured for a Reliable Grip, Wet or Dry
  • Oil Resistant