• Type: High Efficiency
  • Applicable Standard: CSA
  • Brand: Lochinvar®
  • Pressure Rating: 150 psi
The NOBLE™ combi boiler provides a space-saving choice for builders and specifiers, lowering installation costs by reducing the mechanical equipment needed to provide rapid, reliable hot water supply and efficient space heating. It also gives plumbing contractors a money-saving alternative for single family housing with 1 or 2 bathrooms. DELIVERS MORE HOT WATER: It’s sized large enough to quickly meet domestic hot water (DHW) load. Provides DHW from 2.6 (NKC110) to 4.8 gpm (NKC199) at a 77°F temperature rise. QUIET OPERATION: Operates so silently that you often have to look at the user-friendly interface to see if it’s running. EASIER TO INSTALL AND PROGRAM: With our Set-Up Wizard, you can program the boiler in less than two minutes. The user-friendly interface uses real words—not confusing codes—to guide the installer in setting up vital system parameters. BETTER TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND TRAINING: Answers are accessible whether online or on-campus. is always on, 24/7 for technical support. And Lochinvar University is the industry’s best-equipped training center. 10:1 TURNDOWN RATIO: Operates as low as 10% of the maximum firing rate, preventing on/off short cycling at the lowest DHW demands or small heating demands. AIR HANDLER INTERLOCK: Prevents cool air circulation in Hydro-Air installations when the appliance is making DHW. CONSUMER FINANCING AVAILABLE: Check with your local Sales Representative for additional information.
  • Features and More


  • Smart Control Digital Operating Control-LCD Display with Words not Codes
  • Outdoor Reset Control with Outdoor Air Sensor
  • Programmable System Efficiency Optimizers
  • Two Pump Control
  • High-Voltage Junction Box
  • Low Voltage Terminal Strip
  • Time Clock for Data Logging-Last 10 Lockouts
  • Low-Water Flow Safety Control and Indication
  • Password Security
  • Built-In Cascading Sequencer for up to 8 Units
  • Modulating Burner with 10:1 Turndown
  • Condensate Trap
  • Adapter-Free Flue Connection
  • Direct Venting up to 100 Foot
  • Advanced Negative Regulation Technology
  • Innovative Fire-Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Water Connections for Easy Installation
  • Energy Star® Rated
  • Lead-Free
  • Made in USA


    Automatic Reset High Limit, Adjustable High Limit with Manual Reset, Built-in Circulating Pump, Zero Clearances to Combustible Materials, ASME Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger