Our History

On April 1, 1950, George T. Sanders and his wife Pauline opened up a small company to supply sheet metal and other material to heating contractors in Denver, Colorado. The business opened at 1111 Stout Street in downtown Denver. In 1952 the Company outgrew its original location and moved to 7821 West Colfax Avenue in Lakewood.

In 1962 the Company moved again to new quarters located at 1365 Harlan Street. Up until that time the focus was on the heating and sheet metal business. The decision to expand into the plumbing business turned out to be one of the most important ones that the Company would make. Today the George T. Sanders Company is known as one of the most successful plumbing supply houses in the state of Colorado.

In 1965 land was purchased across the street at 1370 Harlan Street. A metal warehouse building with a small office area in the front was constructed on this site in 1966. New product lines continued to be added and new employees were added to the payroll. In order to store its growing inventory, the Company also leased its former facility at 1365 Harlan Street. It was at that time that the Company began to stock copper pipe.

Today the George T. Sanders Company is one of the largest suppliers of copper pipe to plumbing and mechanical contractors in the state.

In July of 1972 Mr. George T. Sanders passed away. Mrs. Sanders became the interim president until management was turned over to her two sons, Gary T. and Norman P. Sanders. Later, in 1972, land was purchased at 10201 W. 49th Avenue. In 1973 a warehouse and office building was built. On September 7th, the Company moved into the building that became the headquarters of the George T. Sanders Company.

Under the leadership of Gary T. Sanders, branch operations were added to expand geographically. Branch warehouses were added as follows:

  • Quebec, 1976
  • Silverthorne, 1981
  • Basalt, 1992
  • Montrose, 1994
  • Ft. Collins, 1995
  • Highlands Ranch, 1997
  • Colorado Springs, 1998
  • Louisville, 2000
  • Brighton, 2003
  • Berthoud, 2004
  • Grand Junction, 2007
  • Casper, 2009
  • Cody, 2009
  • Greeley, 2014
  • Pagosa Springs, 2016
  • Englewood, 2017
  • Centennial, 2017

Today the members of the corporation's management are:

  • Gary T. Sanders, Chief Executive Officer
  • Reed White, President - Managing Principal of Operations
  • Kyle Sanders, President - Managing Principal of Sales
  • Kevin O'Brien - Chief Financial Officer