• Features and More


  • A Union with a Dual Service Check is Included with Each Tank which Allows for Easier Installation in Tight Places
  • The Flat Design and Mounting Bracket Allow for a Less Expensive and Quicker Installation
  • The Unique Design Allows for Easier Servicing of the System with Unencumbered Access
  • Allows for Contractors to Pre-Assemble Tanks by Mounting them onto Control Boards in Advance of Installation
  • Perfect Accessory to Pair with a Wall Hung Condensing Boiler
  • Welded Mounting Bracket and Unique Design Allows for a Quicker and Less Expensive Installation
  • Provides a More Professional Look to the Mechanical Room
  • Great for Tight Installations
  • Allows for Easier Access to the Boiler for Maintenance
  • All Tanks come with a Welded Mounting Bracket and Union Connection with a Double System Check
  • Ideal for Tightly Spaced Installations


    Union, Mounting Bracket