• Brand: Zilmet
The Zilmet Flat expansion tanks provide both space saving and a cleaner, more professional look for hydronic system expansion. The flat tanks, which come both in round and rectangular shapes, offer the following benefits. They serve as the perfect compliment for wall hung condensing boilers as they allow you to keep all components on the wall with the boiler A union with a dual service check is included with each tank which allows for easier installation in tight places The flat design and mounting bracket allow for a less expensive and quicker installation The unique design allows for easier servicing of the system with unencumbered access Allows for contractors to pre-assemble tanks by mounting them onto control boards in advance of installation.
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  • A Union with a Dual Service Check is Included with Each Tank which Allows for Easier Installation in Tight Places
  • The Flat Design and Mounting Bracket Allow for a Less Expensive and Quicker Installation
  • The Unique Design Allows for Easier Servicing of the System with Unencumbered Access
  • Allows for Contractors to Pre-Assemble Tanks by Mounting them onto Control Boards in Advance of Installation
  • Perfect Accessory to Pair with a Wall Hung Condensing Boiler
  • Welded Mounting Bracket and Unique Design Allows for a Quicker and Less Expensive Installation
  • Provides a More Professional Look to the Mechanical Room
  • Great for Tight Installations
  • Allows for Easier Access to the Boiler for Maintenance
  • All Tanks come with a Welded Mounting Bracket and Union Connection with a Double System Check
  • Ideal for Tightly Spaced Installations


    Union, Mounting Bracket