AirScape 1.7 XR WHF w/R4

1003904 MFG #: 1003904
  • Brand: AirScape
  • Features and More


  • Four Super-Efficient Fans, Insulated Power Doors and Remote Control Make the 1.7 a Compact Marvel and Easy-Install Option for Smaller Homes and Tight Attic Spaces
  • Compact, Ultra-Quiet and Efficient
  • The Airscape 1.7 Works in Your Attic, Confidently and Quietly Pushing Hot Air Out Through Your Existing Attic Vents, While Drawing Cool, Fresh Evening Air in Through Open Window
  • Four Ultra-Smooth and Efficient Fans Work Together, Creating Impressive Airflow
  • Insulated, Motorized Damper Doors Tightly Seal Off Your Attic to Eliminate Worries About Air Leaks, Dust and Condensation
  • The Airscape 1.7 Uses Advanced Custom-Designed Electronics to Achieve Superior Performance and Efficiency