AirScape Sierra 3200-XR Whole House Fan with R-49 Insulated Damper System

  • Brand: AirScape
Vent fresh air through an entire house with AirScape's Sierra 3200 whole house fan. AirScape's flagship model features precision motorized damper doors with R-49 insulation. Big and powerful, yet ultra-quiet and efficient. The AirScape Sierra delivers stealthy whole house ventilation, pushing hot air out through existing attic vents, and drawing cool evening air in through open windows. The Sierra 3200 is a compact design that fits between 16” O/C joists for smaller attics in houses up to 2000 square feet. Package includes 3200 fan unit, powered AirLock damper box, 20" diameter accoustic ducting, digital touch controller, 16" x 24" grille, CAT5 cabling and other installation accessories.