Triangle Tube Prestige Stainless Steel Fire Tube Boiler, 1-1/2" Supply/Return 72.5-399 MBH, 95.1% Thermal Efficiency, Natural Gas, Wall Mount, Induced Draft/Direct Vent

TTSOLO399 MFG #: PA399
  • Brand: Triangle Tube
  • Features and More


  • Fire Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Integrated Cascade for up to 6 Boilers
  • Widest Range of Venting Option Available
  • Easy Installation and Serviceability
  • The Condensate Washes Combustion Residue Away When Streaming Down the Tubes for High Efficiency and Reduced Maintenance
  • Prestige Works as the Ideal Solution for Any Installation by Offering the Widest Range of Venting and Termination Options Available
  • Provides Stable Temperature Control
  • Low Sensitivity Water Flow Changes
  • Reduces Short Cycling
  • Adapts to Large or Small Heating Load
  • Energy Star® Rated


    ACVMAX Control, Tank-in-Tank Technology