Caleffi DIRTMAG® NA545396 Magnetic Dirt Separator, 1 in Nominal, C Union Connection, 45 psi Working, 32 to 195 deg F, Nylon

CALNA545396 MFG #: NA545396
  • Connection Type: C Union
  • Manufacturer Name: Caleffi
  • Maximum Percentage of Glycol: 0.3
  • Nominal Size: 1 in
  • Particle Separation Capacity: 5 um
  • Series: NA5453
  • Suitable Media: Water/Glycol Solution
  • Working Pressure: 45 psi
In heating and chilled water systems, the circulation of water containing impurities may result in rapid wear and damage to components such as pumps and control valves. It also causes blockages in heat exchangers, heating elements and pipes, resulting in lower thermal efficiency within the system. The dirt separator separates off these dirt particles, circulating within the closed circuit system. These particles are collected in a large chamber, requiring infrequent cleaning, which requires simply removing the magnet ring and opening the large drain valve while the system is running. This device is capable of efficiently removing particles to a very small size, with very low pressure head loss. The DIRTMAG® magnetic dirt separator removes both ferrous and non-ferrous impurities continuously, featuring a powerful removable external magnet around the body that removes up to 100% of the ferrous impurities, including magnetite, that can form in a hydronic system. The DIRTMAG® has 2-1/2 times the removal performance of a standard dirt separator. The body of the NA5453 series separator is made of glass reinforced nylon specifically designed for use in heating and cooling systems. It also is especially versatile as it can be installed on either horizontal or vertical piping with the rotating brass base mount. The NA5453 series is available with conventional union NPT and union sweat connections and the Presscon™ press copper tail-piece with union nut that makes installation and maintenance fast, easy and efficient. Special slots in the EPDM O-ring allows fluid to leak during system testing if unpressed and provide a perfect leak proof seal when completely pressed. Also, models are available with isolation inlet and outlet shutoff valves, which can be used as a dosing point to inject chemical additives into the hydronic circuit.
  • Features and More


  • The DIRTMAG® removes both ferrous and non-ferrous impurities continuously in a sealed hydronic heating and cooling system
  • A powerful removable external magnetic ring attracts ferrous impurities with 2-1/2 times the removal performance of a standard dirt separator
  • A removable magnetic ring and large drain valve make the DIRTMAG® quick and easy to flush collected dirt and ferrous impurities, including magnetite
  • DIRTMAG® will separate dirt particles down to 5 microns and up to 100% of ferrous impurities, including magnetite, during multiple passes of system fluid
  • A large low velocity zone dirt collection chamber reduces the frequency of cleaning, which can also be done while the system is operating
  • This multifunction device, with isolating valves, can also be used as a dosing point to inject chemical additives into the hydronic circuit
  • Can be rotated for installation to accommodate either vertical or horizontal pipes while maintaining the same operating performance
  • Drain valve with hose connection
  • Manual screw air vent
  • Glass reinforced nylon PA66G30


  • ANAB Accredited ISO 9001
  • BSI FM 21654
  • ICIM UNI EN ISO 9001:2008