Caleffi 59829 Replacement Air Vent Assembly

CAL59829 MFG #: 59829
  • Manufacturer Name: Caleffi
  • Series: 59829
  • Type: Replacement
The DISCAL® air separator is used to continuously remove the air contained in hydronic circuits of heating and cooling systems. The air discharge capacity is very high. They automatically remove all the air present in the system down to micro-bubble level with low head loss due to the special internal shape of the separator body. Flow direction of the DISCAL® air separator is bidirectional; flow in either direction is permitted. The circulation of fully de-aerated water enables the equipment to operate under optimum conditions, free from noise, corrosion, localized or mechanical damage. Micro-bubbles, fusing with each other, increase in volume (get larger) until they become large enough to rise to the top where they are automatically released.
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  • Fits DISCAL® 551 series compact air separators (brass, except compact), 546 series air and dirt separator (brass), DISCALDIRTMAG® 5461 series air and dirt separator with magnet (commercial steel), SEP4™ 5495 series 4-in-1 magnetic hydraulic separators


  • For 3/4 to 2 in Brass Body


  • ANAB Accredited ISO 9001
  • BSI FM 21654
  • ICIM UNI EN ISO 9001:2008