60" X 32" MOLDED

BASE6032 MFG #: FL6032-1
  • Brand: Florestone™
  • Type: 1-Piece
  • Length: 60 Inch
  • Color/Finish: White
  • Applicable Standard: IAPMO, UPC
Furnish and install Saflor® Shower Receptor manufactured by Florestone Products Co. (Model Number - see table.) The receptor shall be furnished with slip-resistant design that does not interfere with the flow of water nor trap it. Receptor to have integral molded drain. Receptor to have not less than 1" flange on remaining sides. Receptor to be stain, and fungus resistant. Color to be off-white (unless other specified) and will be resistant to fading and abrasion. Model shall conform to ANSI-Z124.1.2-2005
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  • 1 Inch Flange on Three Remaining Sides
  • The Receptor Shall be Furnished with Slip Resistant Design that Does Not Interfere with the Flow of Water nor Trap it
  • Receptor to be Stain and Fungus Resistant, Color White will be Resistant to Fading and Abrasion


    Slip Resistant, Integral Drain with Wedge-Lok Seal