• Applicable Standard: UL
  • Brand: Axiom Industries
Axiom System Feeders are designed to simplify the process of maintaining the cold static fluid pressure in closed-loop heating and cooling systems. Having a reservoir of suitable make-up fluid eliminates the need for backflow prevention and helps solve many of the associated problems when using domestic water as a make-up fluid.
  • Features and More


  • 6 Gallon Tank for Storage and Mixing
  • Power Supply Plugs into any Standard 115 Volt AC Outlet
  • Diaphragm Pump can Run Dry without Damage
  • No Direct Connection to Potable Water Supply Eliminates Need for Backflow Prevention
  • Make-Up Fluid Stored in the Feeder Tank can be Pre-Treated
  • Diverter Valve Allows Easy Purging of Air on Initial Start-Up and Manual Agitation of Solution
  • Prevents Major Floods in the Event of System Rupture, only the Contents of the Tank will be Pumped into the System
  • Provides Leak Detection - Dropping Fluid Level Provides Immediate Notice that the System has Developed a Leak
  • Fluid Drained for Service can Easily be put Back into the System
  • Fluid Level Switch Shuts the Pump off if the Storage Tank Level Gets Too Low
  • Automatically Maintains a Minimum System Pressure at a user Defined Setting
  • Feeders are Compatible with both Water and Glycol or Water Solutions
  • Fluid Level Switch Shuts the Pump off if the Storage Tank Level Gets too Low
  • does not Require any Annual Recertification Testing


    25 Liter Storage/Mixing Tank, Molded-In Level Gauge, 125 Millimeter Fill/Access Opening and Cover, Pump Suction Hose with Inlet Strainer and Check Valve, Pressure Pump with Fuse Protection, Low Fluid Level Pump Cut-Out Float Switch, Manual Diverter Valve, Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge, Fused Power Supply Adapter with LED Power Indicator Light