Caleffi DIRTMAG® NA545396 Magnetic Dirt Separator, 1 in Nominal, Solder Connection, 45 psi Working, 32 to 195 deg F, Nylon

CALNA545396 MFG #: NA545396
  • Connection Type: C Union, Solder
  • Manufacturer Name: Caleffi
  • Maximum Percentage of Glycol: 0.3
  • Nominal Size: 1 in
  • Particle Separation Capacity: 5 um
  • Series: NA5453
  • Suitable Media: Water/Glycol Solution
  • Working Pressure: 45 psi
  • Features and More


  • The DIRTMAG® removes both ferrous and non-ferrous impurities continuously in a sealed hydronic heating and cooling system
  • A powerful removable external magnetic ring attracts ferrous impurities with 2-1/2 times the removal performance of a standard dirt separator
  • A removable magnetic ring and large drain valve make the DIRTMAG® quick and easy to flush collected dirt and ferrous impurities, including magnetite
  • DIRTMAG® will separate dirt particles down to 5 microns and up to 100% of ferrous impurities, including magnetite, during multiple passes of system fluid
  • A large low velocity zone dirt collection chamber reduces the frequency of cleaning, which can also be done while the system is operating
  • This multifunction device, with isolating valves, can also be used as a dosing point to inject chemical additives into the hydronic circuit
  • Can be rotated for installation to accommodate either vertical or horizontal pipes while maintaining the same operating performance
  • Drain valve with hose connection
  • Manual screw air vent
  • Glass reinforced nylon PA66G30


  • ANAB Accredited ISO 9001
  • BSI FM 21654
  • ICIM UNI EN ISO 9001:2008