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Holdrite HydroFlame
Firestop Sleeves


  • Locator Whiskers
  • Safety Cap
  • Interlocking Telescoping Sleeve Design
  • Extension Sleeve
  • Inner Sleeve
  • Water Tight Mid Body Seal
  • Interlocking Nail-In Base
  • Intumescent Fire Wrap
  • Metal Deck Plate
  • Dual Purpose Extension Sleeve


  • Prevents spread of fire and smoke
  • Faster install over traditional methods
  • Eliminates the need to cut sleeves on job site
  • Easy, non-destructive removal
  • Easy to locate after concrete pour
  • No need to measure sleeve heights
  • Meets building code requirements

Ask your GTS representative for more details on all the benefits of the Holdrite Hydroflame Firestop Sleeves.



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