• Brand: Taco®
  • Approval: UL (Canada and US)
The Taco Clock Timers and Temperature Aquastat are designed to operate Taco circulators for domestic hot water recirculation during peak demand periods. The 24-hour clock timer can be set in 15 minute on/off intervals. A digital 7-day programmable timer can be set to run at varying times and intervals each day. The timer enclosures feature rugged steel construction. Temperature control is easy with the Aquastat - automatically ON at 95 Degree F and OFF at 115 Degree F. Adaptable to any 00® Series Circulator.
  • Features and More


  • Operates the Circulator at the Same Pre-Set Times Every Day
  • Time Intervals are in 15 Minute Increments
  • This User Friendly Clock has a Raised Minute Hand for Easy Adjustments, Quick-Set Trippers and an Operation Switch for Manual On/Off or Automatic Modes
  • Clock Timer Adaptable to any 00® Series Circulator by Attaching the Enclosure or Wiring to the Electrical Box