• Brand: Hercules®
  • Applicable Standard: ISO 9001
Sta Put Ultra is a unique, professional grade stain-free polymer sealant that is safe for use in setting most types of plumbing fixtures and surfaces. Unlike all other plumber's putty it is oil-free and can be used on porous surfaces without pre-treatment. This includes natural, porous surfaces such as stone, marble, granite, plastics, rubber, and fiberglass, as well as grout and on manufactured sinks, shower bases, countertops and other surfaces. Sta Put Ultra can be used and handled just like plumbers putty. It can easily be molded into rings or other shapes to conform to the item being installed and remains permanently soft, malleable and flexible. Sta Put Ultra is clean to handle, odorless and non-toxic. It has excellent tack and adheres well to most types of dry surfaces even in vertical positions. Sta Put Ultra does not melt, rot, crumble, dry out or shrink even when used in contact with porous surfaces like wood or concrete.
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  • Sta Put Ultra® is a Unique, Professional Grade Stain-Free Polymer Sealant that is Safe for Use in Setting Most Types of Plumbing Fixtures and Surfaces
  • It Can Easily be Molded into Rings or other Shapes to Conform to the Item Being Installed and Remains Permanently Soft, Malleable and Flexible
  • Sta Put Ultra® is Clean to Handle, Odorless and Non-Toxic
  • It has Excellent Tack and Adheres Well to Most Types of Dry Surfaces Even in Vertical Positions