CPVC CEMENT 8 OZ (11028)

  • Brand: Weld-On®
  • Applicable Standard: IAPMO, ISO 9001, UPC
The era of plastic piping in the United States began in 1954 with the introduction of Weld-On® PVC 710™ , America's first plastic pipe cement. Through the 1960's, IPS Corporation introduced several other PVC, transition and ABS cements, cleaners and primers. Today, Weld-On offers the widest range of solvent cements for plumbing, industrial grade pipe and fittings up to 30". Weld-On formulations are all low-VOC, all the time.
  • Features and More


  • Medium-Bodied, Fast-Setting, Low VOC CPVC Cement for Copper Tube Size Pipe and Fitting with Interference Fit
  • ONE-STEP CEMENT Formulated to be Used Without Primer if Codes Permit
  • Approved by Lubrizol Advanced Materials for FlowGuard Gold System
  • Made in USA