Sioux Chief Tomahawk Wedge-It™ Closet Wedge Soft PVC (460-20)

  • Brand: Sioux Chief, Tomahawk
  • Type: Multi-Purpose, Stability
  • Material: PVC, Soft PVC
  • Item: Wedge
  • Size: 1-15/16 Inch Length x 1/4 Inch Height
  • Used On Item: Closet
Tomahawk Wedge-It™ Closet Wedge, Multi-Purpose, Series: 460, PVC, White, Domestic
  • Features and More


  • Corrosion Proof
  • Interlocking for Stability and Stacking
  • Stiff Polypropylene is Drivable
  • Soft Rubber-Like PVC is Easy to Trim and Resists Slipping on Tile Floors
  • Dozens of Uses on the Job Site, in the Office, Home, Etc
  • Stiff Polypropylene is Drivable