American Standard Cadet Pro Elongated Bowl Ada White 1.28/1.6 Gpf

American Standard Toilet Bowl, Series: Right Height®, Cadet® Pro™, Elongated, 8 x 9 in Water Surface, 16-1/2 in Rim Height, 10 in Rough-In, 2-1/8 in Trapway, Floor Mount, 16-1/2 in Height, 14 in Width, 18-1/2 in D, Vitreous China, White, Import
  • Features
  • High efficiency toilet (HET), ultra low consumption (4.8 lpf/1.28 gpf), utilizes 20 percent less water
  • Note: this toilet is designed to rough in at a minimum dimension of 254mm (10 in) from finished wall to c/l of outlet
  • Supply not included with fixture and must be ordered separately
  • Dimension shown for location of supply is suggested
  • Without seat
  • Features the Cadet® flushing system
  • Trade exclusive tank
  • PowerWash® rim scrubs bowl with each flush
  • EverClean® surface included
  • Fully-glazed 2-1/8 in trapway
  • 16-1/2 in rim height for accessible applications
  • Generous 9 x 8 in water surface area
  • 1000g MaP score at 1.28 gpf