APR700 MFG #: 700
  • Brand: Aprilaire┬«
Aprilaire offers a complete line of humidifiers to meet the needs of virtually every homeowner.
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  • The Inventor of the Whole Home Evaporative Humidifier and the Leader in Indoor Air Quality Solutions
  • Built-In Fan Pulls Heated Air Directly from the Furnace Through the Humidifier
  • Automatic Humidifier with Dual Sensors to Monitor and Respond to Both Outdoor Temperature and Indoor Relative Humidity to Deliver Optimum Humidity
  • Convenient Digital Control Shows Percent Humidity, Lights Indicate Humidifier is Running, When to Change the Water Panel, When Service is Needed and Blower Activation Switch Sets Humidifier to Run Continually or Only When the Furnace Run
  • Humidity for Health Aprilaire Humidifiers Can Help You Maintain Optimal Humidity in Your Home of 35 Percent to 45 Percent Which has been Shown to Reduce the Incidence of Respiratory Infection and Symptom Related to Allergies and Asthma by Minimizing the Formation of Bacteria and Virus, Fungi and Dust Mite
  • Made in USA