Bradford White Residential Natural Gas Water Heater, 1" NPT Inlet/Outlet, 1/2" Gas, 75 Gallon, 76000 BTU/Hr, Lead-Free, Engineered Enameled Vitraglas Lining/Steel Surface, Piezo Ignition, Atmospheric Vent, High Input

  • Brand: Bradford White®
  • Applicable Standard: CSA
These water heaters utilize a draft diverter and are atmospherically vented, however they offer Extra Recovery. This translates to an increased amount of hot water available at a usable temperature in less time than normal.
  • Features and More


  • Bradford White Icon System™ - Intelligent Gas Control with Proven Millivolt Powered Technology and Built-In Piezo Igniter, A Standard, Off the Shelf Thermopile Converts Heat Energy from the Pilot Flame into Electrical Energy to Operate the Gas Valve and Microprocessor, No Need for External Electricity
  • Enhanced Performance - Proprietary Algorithms Provide Enhanced First Hour Rating and Tighter Temperature Differential
  • Advanced Temperature Control System - Microprocessor Controls Burner Operation for Consistent and Accurate Water Temperature Levels up to 160 Deg F
  • Intelligent Diagnostics - Exclusive Multicolor LED Light Indicates Operation Status or Service Required
  • Factory Installed Hydrojet Total Performance System - Sediment Reducing Device that also Increases First Hour Rating of Hot Water while Minimizing Temperature Build-Up in Tank
  • Vitraglas Lining - an Exclusively Engineered Enamel Formula that Provides Superior Tank Protection from the Highly Corrosive Effects of Hot Water, This Vitraglas Formula is Fused to the Steel Surface by Firing at a Temperature of Over 1600 Deg F
  • Insulation System - Non-CFC Foam Covers the Sides and Top of the Tank, Reducing Heat Loss, This Results in Less Energy Consumption, Improved Efficiencies and Jacket Rigidity
  • Protective Magnesium Anode Rod - Provides Added Protection Against Corrosion for Long Term, Trouble-Free Service
  • Protective Magnesium Anode Rod - Provides Added Protection Against Corrosion for Long Term, Trouble-Free Service
  • Lead-Free
  • AHRI Certified


    Bradford White ICON System, Advanced Temperature Control System, Factory-Installed Hydrojet Total Performance System, Pedestal Base, Protective Magnesium Anode Rod, Snap-Lock Draft Diverter, Hydrojet Total Performance System