Mission Rubber Band-Seal® 4" x 4" Stainless Steel Specialty Coupling, Shielded, Transition, Cast Iron to Plastic/Steel/Extra Heavy Cast Iron

  • Brand: Mission
  • Type: Straight, Transition
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Applicable Standard: ISO 9001, NSF, UPC
Mission Band-Seal® Pipe Coupling, Fitting/Connector Type: Coupling, 4 in Nominal Size, Cast Iron x Plastic/Steel/Extra Heavy Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
  • Features and More


  • 300 Series Stainless Steel Components Provide Highly Effective Corrosion Resistance in a Variety of Environments
  • The Band-Seal Specialty Coupling Provides for Superior Load Bearing Control Between the Coupling and Pipe Surface
  • The Couplings Rugged Construction Provides Excellent Sealing Properties and the Stainless Steel Shield Offers Excellent Resistance to Shear Forces and Helps with Alignment, While Maintaining Flexibility
  • Internal Pipe Stop for Proper Pipe Positioning and Noise/Vibration Reduction
  • Made in USA