• Brand: Mission
  • Type: Straight
  • Size A: 3 Inch
  • Size B: 3 Inch
  • Applicable Standard: IAPMO, ISO 9001, NSF
Mission Standard No Hub Coupling, Lightweight, Fitting/Connector Type: Coupling, 3 in Nominal Size, Cast Iron, Domestic
  • Features and More


  • Leakproof - Increased Band Tension Secures Pipe Ends, Forming a Watertight, Rootproof Seal
  • Rigid - Corrugated Stainless Steel Controls Load Bearing Between Coupling and Pipe Surface, Opposing Shear Forces While Maintaining Pipe Alignments
  • Adaptable - Independent Clamp Tightening Adapts to Different Outside Pipe Diameters
  • Elastomeric Gasket Locks Circumferentially Against Corrugated Shield
  • Easy - Products are Easy to Install and Reuse
  • Resilient - Synthetic Rubbers Permit Considerable Distortion without Changing Basic Physical Resistance
  • Durable - Synthetic Rubber Gasket Resists Ultraviolet Rays, Ozone, Fungus, Growth, Natural Soil Erosive Properties and Normal Sewer Gases
  • Quit - Internal Pipe Stop Reduces Noise and Vibration
  • Secure - Sealing O-Rings Under Each Clamp Prevent Pipe End Slippage for a Reinforced Joint Seal
  • Anti-Corrosive - Stainless Steel Components Resist Corrosion in Marine Applications, Poorly Aerated/Moist Soil, Contaminated Grounds Conditions and Chloride, Sulfates or Bicarbonates in Ground Water
  • Made in USA