WA40XLI MFG #: 40XL-8-3/4
  • Brand: Watts®
  • Applicable Standard: CSA (Canada and US)
  • Application: Commercial, For commercial water heater applications
  • Body Material: Bronze
  • Series: 40XL
This 3/4 inch bronze automatic reseating temperature and pressure relief valve with an 8 inch thermostat is installed directly in tank tappings and is used in commercial applications to provide automatic temperature and pressure protection for hot water supply tanks and hot water heaters. It features a bronze body with NPT male inlet and NPT female outlet connections, thermo-bonded coated thermostat, tamper resistant bonnet screws, automatic reseating feature, and test lever. The temperature relief is 210 degrees F (99 degrees C) and the pressure relief is 150 psi.
  • Features and More


  • Non-Mechanical Seat-to-Disc Alignment
  • Thermostat is Accurate and Proven
  • Tamper Resistant Bonnet Screws
  • A Unique Thermostat with a Special Thermo-Bonded Coating
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve Provides the Least Expensive and Proven Means for Protection Against Both Excessive Temperature and Pressure Emergency Condition


    Non-Mechanical Seat to Disc Alignment, Extension Thermostat, Test Lever, Tamper Resistant Bonnet Screw