SIOUX660H MFG #: 660-HB
  • Brand: Sioux Chief
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Applicable Standard: FDA
Water hammer can occur in any type of piping system- small, medium or large. Whether you are designing a residential condo project, a commercial office tower or an industrial laundry facility in a high-rise hotel, proper methods for water hammer control need to be employed during the design stages of construction. This Engineer Report will explain the physics of water hammer and the best methods of water hammer control for residential, commercial and industrial piping systems.
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  • Water Hammer Arresters Shall be Specifically Sized and have Sufficient Volume of Air to Dissipate the Calculated Kinetic Energy Generated by Closing Residential Washing Machine Valves
  • Arresters Shall be Installed on both Hot and Cold Supply Inlets of Washing Machine Valves
  • Arresters Shall be Approved for Installation with no Access Panel Required


    (2) EPDM O-Ring