Clean-Fit Water-Gate® Water Shut-Off Tool, 3/4" Diameter, 65 PSI, Water Pressure

MIL77005 MFG #: 77005
  • Brand: Cleanfit
Solder without draining the entire system! Change out a valve, solder or glue on fittings, make line repairs and test lines while under pressure with the Water-Gate. There's no need to shut off water to the rest of the building, drain lines, use bread clogs or freeze lines. Ideal for refrigeration and boiler applications, the Water-Gate's seals withstand temperatures from -20 to 225 deg F. The Water-Gate water shut-off tool works on copper, steel or PVC lines and is pressure rated to 65 psi.
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  • Solder without Draining the Entire System Change Out a Valve, Solder or Glue on Fittings, Make Line Repairs and Test Lines While Under Pressure with the Water-Gate
  • There's No Need to Shut-Off Water to the Rest of the Building, Drain Lines, Use Bread Clogs or Freeze Lines