PC611I MFG #: 77387
  • Brand: Viega
  • Type: Straight
  • Nominal Size: 3/4 Inch x 3/4 Inch x 3/4 Inch
  • Applicable Standard: IAPMO PS 117, ICC-ES LC1002, IMC, IPC, IRC, UMC, UPC
  • Pressure Rating: 200 psi
  • Process: Wrot
Viega ProPress® is the original press pipe joining system. Pressing pipe connections saves time and labor compared to traditional soldering and Viega ProPress® offers more features and benefits than any other imitation press system.
  • Features and More


  • Dezincification Resistant
  • Fastest, Easiest Way to Join Copper Tubing System
  • User Friendly, Quick and Easy to Install
  • The NIBCO® Press System® Features a Full Range of Precision Engineered Copper and Copper Alloy Fittings, Commercial Valves, Accessories, Pressing Tools, Jaws and Chains
  • Lead-Free