WALF009QTI MFG #: LF009M3-QT 3/4"
  • Brand: Watts®
  • Nominal Size: 3/4 Inch x 3/4 Inch
  • End Connection: Female Threaded x Female Threaded
  • Applicable Standard: IAPMO, UL, UPC
  • Port Type: Full
This 3/4 inch lead free reduced pressure zone assembly is designed to prevent the backflow of polluted water from entering into the potable water supply due to backsiphonage and or backpressure in accordance with national plumbing codes and water authority requirements. Its compact modular design facilitates easy maintenance with a single access cover for in-line repairs. It is ideal for protection in continuous pressure piping applications and at cross-connections identified as health hazards and for contaminants at the service line entrance. This assembly consists of a lead free bronze body, 3/4 inch NPT end connections, quarter turn ball valve shutoffs with tee handles, top mounted test cocks, two in-line independent check valves, captured springs, and replaceable check seats with an internal relief valve for reduced space requirements.
  • Features and More


  • Single Access Cover and Modular Check Construction for the Ease of Maintenance
  • Internal Relief Valve for Reduced Installation Clearances
  • Replaceable Seats for an Economical Repair
  • Captured Springs for Safe Maintenance
  • Quarter Turn Full Port Resilient Seated Ball Valve Shut-Off
  • Large Body Passages Provides a Low Pressure Drop
  • Test Cocks are Screwdriver Slotted
  • Lead-Free Bronze Body Construction for Durability
  • Lead-Free


    Backpressure and Backsiphonage Protection, Top Mounted Test Cock, (2) In-Line Independent Positive Seating Check Module, Captured Spring and Check Disc and Seat