2-1/2" X 60' ALUMINUM

SHUAF100SILO MFG #: 104474-EZP
  • Brand: Shurtape┬«
  • Color: Silver
UL 181A-P/B-FX Listed aluminum foil HVAC tape for joining and sealing joints, connections and seams on rigid fiberglass duct board and flexible air duct. A tape that "does it all," AF 100 is engineered to form airtight bonds on joints and seams in application temperatures ranging from -20 to 260 deg F and in humid conditions.
  • Features and More


  • Excellent Adhesion to Rigid Fiberglass Ductboard and Flexible Air Duct
  • Flexible and Easy to Create Airtight Bond
  • Superior Stability During Extreme Fluctuations in Temperature
  • Resists Water Vapor and Other HVAC Duct Contamination
  • Indefinite Product Life After Application