Amtrol 12 Thermal Expansion Tank 5Yr Warrantypotable

AMST12 MFG #: ST-12
Thermal expansion occurs as domestic water is heated. Left unchecked, the resulting pressure increase can cause relief valve discharge and other potentially hazardous conditions. Therm-X-Trol® expansion tanks absorb this expanded water, keeping water pressure at a safe level.
  • Features
  • Antimicrobial liner neutralizes bacteria on contact
  • Accepts expanded water as system temperature rises and returns hot water to system when demand occurs
  • Required by most building codes and water heater warranties
  • Turbulator™ water diffuser
  • 50 psi precharge - the industry's highest
  • Deep drawn steel domes for 2X the strength of other tanks
  • Thickest diaphragm for extra long life
  • Hoop and groove design for added reliability
  • Stainless steel system connection
  • Water heater manufacturers and plumbing codes require the installation of an expansion control device if a backflow preventer, pressure reducing valve or check valve is installed in the domestic supply line
  • Therm-X-Trol satisfies all manufacturers' requirements