White-Rodgers Hydronic Zone Valve, NC 3 Wire Power Open and Closed, 24 VAC .4 A, Screw Terminal Block, 1" Soldered, 37 Cv, 15 PSI Close Off, 2 AMP 24 V End Switch

  • Brand: White-Rodgers™
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Nominal Size: 1 Inch x 1 Inch
There are two types of white Rodgers "1300 Series" zone valves available, 2-wire and 3-wire, for zoning hydronic systems upto 50 psi. the valves operate quietly and efficiently, providing years of reliable service.
  • Features and More


  • Quiet Operation
  • Automatic Recycling Manual Operator Shows Valve Position at All Times
  • Built-In Auxiliary Contacts to Control Burner or Circulator Relay
  • Motor Can be Removed from Valve Assembly without Draining System


    Screw Terminal Wiring Panel, 24 Volt AC 2 Amp Auxiliary Switch, Self-Aligning Barrel-Type Valve Stem