Webstone The Isolator® 1" x 1" Forged Brass Ball Valve, Full Port, Uni-Flange, Lever Handle, Soldered x Rotating Flanged, Lead-Free, 600 PSI WOG

These valves have revolutionized the installation of circulator pumps. Our original Isolator® Uni-Flange Ball Valve design has evolved into the largest flanged ball valve program in the industry today.
  • Features and More


  • The 360 Degree Flange Rotation Allows Rotation to any Degree Necessary for Installation and the Multi-Function Drain that Make the Isolator the Only Valve that Drain from Both Side of the Pump
  • Adjustable Packing Gland
  • Flange Features a Conical Inlet to Minimize Turbulence
  • The Rotating Flange is Secured by a Snug-Fit Snap-Ring that Provides Greater Control Over Positioning During Installation
  • Lead-Free


    Brass End Cap/Adjustable Packing Gland/Detachable Rotating Flange, Stainless Steel Handle Nut/Rotating Flange Ring, Vinyl Handle Jacket, Zinc Plated Flange Bolt and Nut