WASB1156F MFG #: SB1156F-1/2
  • Brand: Watts®
  • Nominal Size: 1/2 Inch x 1/2 Inch
  • Body Material: Bronze
  • Pressure Rating: 100 psi
  • Applicable Standard: ISO 9001
  • Application: Residential
This 1/2 inch high capacity feed water pressure regulator is for use in commercial and residential hydronic heating systems to fill the boiler and piping system with water, and to maintain water pressure in the system at all times. It also provides make-up water to the system in the event of system leaks. It consists of a bronze body with union solder inlet and NPT threaded outlet connections, a tight seating check valve, purge lever for manual purging, and a stainless steel strainer. It has high capacity performance and a simplified servicing design. It is suitable for use in the boiler feed lines of hydronic heating systems. The maximum pressure is 100 psi (6.9 bar).
  • Features and More


  • The Feed Water Pressure Regulators are Designed to Fill the Boiler and System Piping with Water and to Maintain Water Pressure in the System at All Times
  • These Valves also Provide Make up Water to the System in the Event of System Leaks
  • This Series Features a High Capacity Performance as Well as Unique Simplified Servicing Accessibility for Complete Unitized Maintenance
  • Stainless Steel Strainer to Protect the Valve Disc from Fouling


    Tight Seating Check Valve, Stainless Steel Strainer