• Brand: Malco®
  • Drive Style: Slotted
  • Head Style: Hex Washer
  • Process: Heat Treated
A unique thread design and quality controlled manufacture spell the Zip-In® difference. Zip-In's® sophisticated heat treat process allows the screw to taper to a fine, sharp point without sacrificing critical point strength. A single starting thread is formed down to the very tip of the point and is the source of Zip-In's® penetrating power. A second thread above the point engages after initial penetration and drills in the screw double fast. Zip-In® screws are faster driving, with a greater capacity for fastening heavier gauges of sheet metal than any other self-piercing type.
  • Features and More


  • Undercut-Indented Hex Washer Slotted Head
  • Combination Lead Double Thread
  • Burr-Free Hex Washer Slotted Head
  • Sharp Tapered Point will Not Mushroom, Break or Walk
  • Quality Controlled Heat Treat
  • Complete Operator Control with Precise Hole Alignment
  • Single Starting Thread Machined Down to Very Tip of Screw Point
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty