1-1/2" X 5" NOTCH PLATE

NOTCH516 MFG #: SP516100
  • Brand: Metal Products
Stud Guards are a highly necessary product in a construction project. Most building codes require the use of Stud Guards to help protect pipes from nails during the sheet rock application. Installation of our Stud Guards is simple, thanks in large part to the self-nailing flanges at each end of the Stud Guard. No extra nails or screws are required to install our Stud Guards because of the self-nailing flanges, making them a big time saver while highly effective at the same time. Building code requirements for Stud Guards vary across the USA and because of this, we offer multiple dimensions and gauges of Stud Guards. Another common name for our Stud Guards is self-nailing FHA plates.
  • Features and More


  • Nail Plates are Metal Brackets Used to Protect Wiring that is Passing Through a Stud
  • Nail Plates Come with Self-Nailing Flanges that Allow the Installer to Pound them in Where Necessary, Without Fumbling Around with Nails
  • The 16 Gauge Steel used on All Safety Plates Conforms with Electrical and Plumbing Standards
  • Made in USA