Caleffi DIRTMAG® Dirt Separator with Magnet, 1-1/2", Soldered, 150 PSI, 24 GPM, Brass

CAL546341A MFG #: 546341A
The DIRTMAG® magnetic dirt separator removes both ferrous and nonferrous impurities continuously, featuring powerful removable magnets that remove up to 100% of the ferrous impurities, including magnetite, that can form in a hydronic system. The DIRTMAG® has 2 ½ times the removal performance of a standard dirt separator.
  • Features and More


  • Low Velocity Zone and Large Dirt Capture Area
  • Powerful Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnet
  • Provides Convenient Chemical Additive Dosing Port
  • Robust Mesh Construction
  • Clip-On Magnetic Ring and Convenient Purge Valve
  • Corrosion Resistant