Arlington Slip Meter Riser Fitting, 2-1/2", PVC, Threaded Male

  • Brand: Arlington
Save time and money, and protect non-metallic conduit from damage caused by movement or freeze/thaw cycles with Arlington's new NM2520 slip meter riser fitting. Easy to install, NM2520 is designed to create an expansion joint in the installation of an electrical service entrance. NM2520 glues onto a 2-1/2" PVC conduit, then attaches to the bottom of a meter enclosure. To complete the installation, slip the 2-1/2" conduit over the 2" non-metallic conduit coming from the ground. Meets 2008 NEC 300.7(B). Fast, easy underground service installations. Protects cable from freeze/thaw flexion and ground movement. UL/CSA Listed.
  • Features and More


  • Fast, Easy Underground Service Installations
  • Protects Cable from Freeze/Thaw Ground Movement
  • Meets 2014 NEC 300.7 (B) and 300.5 (J)