Hilmor Screwdriver, 11" x 1" x 1", 7" L Shaft, #2 Tip, Round Shank, Heat Treated, Chrome Plated, Phillips

These Phillips Tip Screwdrivers feature machined tips for a precise fit that won't strip out your screws. We'd say that's pretty important, no matter if you're securing or removing. On top of that, their rugged shaft and comfortable handle makes these tools ideal for a range of jobs.
  • Features and More


  • More Torque-A Slip Resistant Grip Allows for Maximum Leverage
  • Quick Identification Easy-to-Read Tip Marking on the Handle Makes Identification Quick and Easy
  • Rugged and Durable Designed to Last with a Heat-Treated, Chrome Plated Shaft
  • Secure Fit a Machined Tip Allows for a Better Fit