Clean-Fit Products Abrasive Pad (10 per Display Carton), 6" x 4", Fine Aluminum Oxide Grit, Maroon, Nylon

MIL70198 MFG #: 70198
Clean-Fit Hand Pads are offered with different abrasives, grit size and backing material for a broad range of applications including heavy-duty cleaning, finishing and light polishing. These pads are very durable and waterproof, so they can be used wet or dry. They will not rust and are an excellent alternative to steel wool.
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  • Commercial-Quality Hand Pad for Aggressive Cleaning and Deburring
  • Ideal for General Cleaning where a Fast Initial Cut is Desired
  • Made from Non-Woven Nylon Webbing Impregnated with a Very Fine Grit Abrasive
  • This Pad is Stronger, More Resilient and Resist Tearing or Snagging
  • Easily Washed or Rinsed, can be Used Wet or Dry
  • These Pad are Solvent Resistant
  • Ideal for Cleaning Copper Tubing Before Brazing